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Registration for Banned Weapons

The initial plan was for a seemless transition Elite Swords. Which would have enabled our customers to buy the affected weapons with a minimum of fuss. Due to the suppliers not supplying any UK retailers, it has been decided that Elite Swords will be postponed until we can supply the full range of Hanwei products.

The products we have in stock are still available through Oriental Weaponry;

Practical Elite Katana(Ref: HW6000KPC)
Practical Plus Elite Katana (Ref: HW6001KPE)
Tsuru Iaito - 29" Blade (Ref: HW5014)
Three Monkey Katana and Wakizashi (Ref: HW2329-1) - 50% Off!

Basically the stages will be;

1) Place your order through Oriental Weaponry

2) Use this form to prove your eligibility

3) Once you have been approved we will process your order

We will also record your details, so when Elite Swords is live you will not have to go through the registration process.

Application Form

Your Details

Username *
Name *
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Phone Number *
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Date of Birth *

Your Art

N.B. To be eligible to buy a sword you must practice an art in which a sword is used. I.e. Karate, Judo, Taekwondo etc. will NOT entitle you to buy a sword.

Are you registered with an official National Association?


If "Yes";

Name of Association
Membership No.

You need to supply us with proof of membership of the association!

Your Clubs Details

Club Name *
Sensei's Name *
Address *
City / Town *
County *
Post Code *
Country *
Phone Number *
Email Address

You need to supply us with proof of membership of the club!

We will also carry out independent checks on the club

If the print button doesn't work please use your browser's print function to print this page.

Nearly Done...

In order for your application to be processed, you must send this form (print it out), along with copies of relevant documents to;

BearArm Ltd
3 Horseshoe Lane
M24 1QS


  • Application Form
  • Copy of the membership card for the ASSOCIATION
  • Copy of the membership card for the CLUB